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The client believed that, ‘The energy flow in the home affects the quality of life’. Thus, while starting our work for these clients who had an abiding belief in Vastu Shastra, the colour scheme was kept light where as tint of hues were added according to vastu. Interestingly, on moving forward, we derived the plan in tune with the principles of vastu shastra and rather than getting constrained by these principles the design evolved beautifully following its natural course. The design elements and colour schemes followed throughout the residence were in sync with the permissible elements of their respective directions.

The tapestry in the living room depicts water element for better social connects while the rectangular pattern on east wall acts as catalyst for better results. The South East wall in the dining room was treated brown so as to enhance wealth and affluence of this business family. Similar Vastu elements were used throughout this house and thus our team embellished these spaces with variety of materials and design factors making this house a visual treat for the visitors.