The design palette of straight & curved lines, limited selection of materials and colours continue through the home giving it an easy, stylish look. The space opens in an elongated living room hence the furniture is planned in clean lines to give a sense of openness to the visitors. Combination of curved lines with pastel colours in the living area makes the entrance very appealing where waves add interest to the interiors keeping the walls easy to maintain. Using colourful and classic golden motifs on walls and ceiling as per client’s interest we kept the drawing room conventional yet chic. Entering on to the kid’s room which is planned keeping in mind the balance between play area and study area required by kids, the design incorporates colours, shapes and textures adding a feeling of liveliness in this bedroom.

wall high light 3.2.1 - new
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wall high light 2.1.1 - new
wall high light 2.2.1 - new
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