Design Tips From Our Principal Architect | Designer

1. Play with interesting lights to impress your guests. Make sure you select some eye-catching lights that compel one to focus upward.

2. Try not to make the place look boxy. Keep the plan as open as it can be. It makes the place look more spacious.

3. Rejuvenate the energy with big green indoor plants. This can also add an aesthetic value without increasing the budget.

04. Highlight the walls with interesting materials, textures and patterns rather than simple frames and wall hangings. Turn your wall into beautiful work of art.

05. ALWAYS keep some extra expenses for investing on good Art display. A good piece of art never skips the visitor’s eyes.

06. Do not go for colours that make the place look monotonous over time. Also, be careful while blending the colours.

07. Make space for an accent chair or a fancy piece of furniture somewhere where it catches the attention.

08. Don’t forget to add a bespoke piece of entrance console. It will leave a lasting impression on the guests. As, first impression is the last impression.

09. Wow your guests with a stylish and sleek flooring. Consider it as a design add-on worth the investment.

10. Last but not the least; add stylish rugs and carpets for your guests. This not only adds warmth but also ties the entire space together.