“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful- that will be my life.” – Elsie de Wolfe.
Elsie de Wolfe is who our client reminded us of.
What you dream is what you thrive to achieve – a colorful world!! ‘Playing with colors and shapes’, was the keynote given to us. Creating harmony and balance between different materials and textures was a fun task. Our vision was to transport people into a dreamy land of cakes. The addition of a lot of mirrors to the space was a great idea to enhance the overall appeal and at the same time it helped us create an illusion of a bigger space. Hence, the overall ambience came together as a unit with a perfect lighting setup, highlighting every nook and corner of this beautiful bakery.

Areas were divided to create a co-working environment, interactive yet well-organized working space. Starting from the reception on the entrance, the director’s cabin and conference room fall in the same arena, yet keeping it secluded from the non-stop commotion at the reception. Workstations were given a pure north and East orientation making this an important design element with spaces structured by resultant geometry.