With her exceptional eye for detail and a passion for creating spaces that evoke a sense of comfort, Sahiba has transformed this workspace into a haven of contemporary minimalism. Every office corner exudes a sense of tranquillity and sophistication with minimalistic elegance and warm aesthetics.

Designing for the expansion of the oldest law firms in India, from Mumbai to Jaipur, the client’s vision for the office demanded a harmonious fusion of corporate professionalism and contemporary allure.

The design philosophy she endured in the project was that while the legal field exudes seriousness and dignity, the idea was to stay clear from the monotonous ambience to strike a delicate balance between minimalism and tasteful fashion-forward design elements.

With the skillful incorporation of chic and fashionable touches, she curated a space that radiates a refined, cutting-edge aesthetic while upholding the seriousness and elegance befitting a prestigious law firm.

As you step into the office, you will feel a welcoming atmosphere through a thoughtful spatial arrangement. The office is divided into two distinct areas, with the reception positioned centrally. Upon entering, visitors are greeted at the reception area, where a cordial and friendly vibe sets the tone for their experience. From there, visitors are guided towards either the junior executive’s or the partner’s area.

This deliberate separation ensures that the partner’s space remains private and secluded, shielded from the daily office cacophony.

By creating this distinction, she has successfully crafted an environment that balances accessibility and privacy, enabling a seamless flow of visitors while providing an exclusive haven for the partners to focus and conduct business.